To make sure you have purchased a Genuine RAW product please RAWthenticate me, it’s EASY!


RAWthenticate this product by scanning the QR code on your phone to reveal its true RAWthenticity.

Each product is given a unique identifying code at birth, which cannot be copied.


To scan with a newer phone just open your camera app, hover over the QR code (so your camera can see the QR code) and click on the link that appears.

You should immediately be brought to the RAWthenticate page with a message or RAWthenticity!


If the instructions above don’t work automatically, use any QR code scanner app to scan the QR code.  They’re free, and if you don’t have one installed already just follow the links here.

Download QR Code Scanner

Links to these applications are provided only for convenience. HBI does not endorse any products and makes no representations or warranties concerning their use.

Warning: RAW products are not suitable for people under the legal age.
This scan is only for an authenticity check, no personal information will be transmitted or stored at all - Thank You for helping us stop counterfeits.